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Basswood Shutters Irvine

Article provided by: MHD Shutters & Blinds
Basswood Shutters Irvine

Plantation shutters are a common choice in both modern and traditional homes. Their earliest records are in Ancient Greece, but they have since undergone numerous reinventions to take up the current looks and functionality. Plantation shutters allow you to control just the right amount of airflow into the room and, therefore, best for rooms that need constant aeration, such as the kitchen and bedroom.

How to compare Irvine CA wood shutters before buying

The best window shutters depend on several factors that are different in every home. Here is an easy way to compare the shutters in the home to find a great pick.


Customization matters a great deal because you want the type that complements your home's exterior and interior. For example, most townhouses use basswood window shutters in Irvine because they add a rustic and welcoming appeal. These shutters blend perfectly well into the setting and are easy to use when you want a homely contemporary design.


Insulation is an essential consideration for shutters and blinds in Irvine California. Some shutters have different fabrication to trap heat, while others are light enough for fast cooling in summer. We suggest consulting an interior designer or the relevant expert to find the right basswood shutters in Irvine to match your insulation needs.


Weather is an essential factor to consider when picking a plantation shutter. It is not recommendable to use wood shutters in high humidity rooms like the bathrooms; instead, consider a lightweight like basswood or find a more suitable option on the MHD store.

Comparing basswood shutters with other common alternatives

There are three main categories of Irvine wood shutters:


As the name suggests, faux wood shutters are the imitation of natural wood. They undergo a more intense manufacturing process because the primary material is solid polyurethane. Faux wood shutters are not environmentally friendly and are easily more expensive than basswood shutters.


Basswood is a typical wood shutter that is the gold standard of wood shutters around the world. It is incredibly light and robust and offers the highest strength despite the lightweight. You can get many different shapes and designs of basswood shutters because they are easy to mold into different shapes and sizes.


They are a more sturdy option and can easily resemble wood because they are easy to stain. We suggest using basswood shutters instead if you want a lightweight alternative.

Reasons to consider basswood wooden plantation shutters in Irvine.

Many people choose basswood shutters because of their lovely, warm and natural look. They have a fine texture and are incredibly attractive against all window designs and walls. These shutters also boast of long product life, meaning you get to maintain the home’s value with beautiful and sturdy window shutters.

We take great pride in stocking some of the best basswood shutters in Irvine. Visit our online shop for detailed comparisons of the shutters, and let us help you find the most suitable one when you call 888-483-3647.


Basswood Shutters Irvine
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Basswood Shutters Irvine
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